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Buf #2

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Underpainting being developed. I want bold background and grass texture, with the body of the Bison to be almost like a window or hole in the surface of te canvas that drops into a depth of unkown dimension. I’m going for a limited palette of earth tones.

Buf #1

Monday, January 5th, 2009

(Click on image to enlarge) Nate and I hiked through the Wichita Mountains in November and I photographed some awesome Bison. What an animal! I’ve long held a fascination for this wonderful creature and it as entered my art frequently. Well it’s time for them to enter once again! I have a couple of paintings in mind, that for me highlight it’s iconic shape and form. For me the Bison holds my imagination to the ancient legacy of the North American continent and the extent to which humankind can inflict damage not only on one another, but on the inocent of God’s creations. We almost lost em all, but thanks to a few souls over the last century who protected and bred them, the Bison are on the come back trail; and it is so exciting to be able to see them in the wild once again