Oil Paintings

AFP= available for purchase

NFP= not for purchase

Taos: 16X20 AFP

Texas Panhandle 16X20 (Sold)

Big Sur 20X30 AFP

Old Growth, Ward Canyon AFP

Wet Gold 16X20 NFP

Dalmatian (Commission)

Child and Dog (Commission)

Lilly (Main Coon) 16X20 (Sold)

Dash! (Cat in Window) 16X20 AFP

Boxer 16X20 (Commission)

Waiting for Daddy 16X20 AFP

Leila 16X30 (Commission)

A Day at the Beach 16X20 AFP

Weathered 14X18 (Sold)

Life Sentence 18X36 AFP

Ishi, Last of the Yahi 24X30 AFP

Burden Basket 36X50 (Sold)

Nampeo, Hopi Potter (Sold)

Sacred (Sold)

Nootka 36X44 AFP

Crow Eagle 20X36 (Sold)

Lebanon Gibran 24X36 AFP

Buffalo Gap Texas 30X44 AFP

Twins 24X36 (commission) (Commission)

Father and Son 16X20 (Commission)

The Dream 20X44 (Sold)

The Trickster 36X61 AFP

Satank 45X66 AFP

Dad Series:

On the Bow sprit 31X41 AFP

Enclosing Walls 24X30 AFP

Sailing Away 24X30 AFP

Inquiries about paintings can be submitted through the “Contact” page.

Oil Painting Commissions:

Start at $500 for an 11X14 head and shoulders portrait. A full single figure 24X36 Oil on canvas is $3500. Prices for larger and smaller formats can be negotiated.

Pet and animal paintings for 11X14 and up start at $400.

Mr. McNeill accepts commissions on a wide variety of subjects and media. He generally works directly from provided photos, or photos he takes. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Also works in:


Pen & Ink

Digital Imaging and coloring

Commercial logos start at $500 (Black & White)

New card designs on the way for other holidays!

Christmas Cards:

Single cards: $5.00 Ea.

2-4 Cards: $4.00 Ea.

5-10 cards: $3.00 Ea.

10+ $2.50 Ea.

Unpainted Cards (black & White reproduction from original pen& inks):

1-9: $2.00 Ea.

10+ $1.50 Ea.

Shakuhachi flute Prices range from $200 to $400.

Native American flutes (made from bamboo also) $350

      • Specify the animal for the block